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This is Peter's story. He and his wife had lost track of their work pensions and wanted a clear picture of their retirement plans.

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Both my wife and I had multiple old pensions from various past employers, and we wanted to have an overview of them all carried out. We wanted to understand where we stood with them and what changes, if any, we needed to make.

David helped me and my wife as pensions are a mystery to us both. We were worried if we had done enough for our retirement. As we get older the need to know what our retirement might look like is increasing as it gets nearer.

I chose Citrus Financial as I knew David personally, so there is a trust you wouldn’t get from a stranger. He reviewed all of our pension pots and consolidated them. He took a complicated process and made it easy to understand. Now, we feel like we are in a better place for our retirement and David will advise us on what we need to do in the future.

Anyone who is confused about finances, pensions, or mortgages would benefit from David’s service. He makes everything understandable and relatable. Who wouldn’t want this?

Peter, Trowbridge

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