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This is Dot's story. She wanted help with investing ethically.

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I wanted advice on investing pension funds from a pension sharing order to provide an income in retirement. I wasn’t confident about making investments myself, and it was important to me not to earn money through the selling of arms etc. So, I was looking for a more ethical plan.

Elian was recommended by somebody who knew us both. They thought we would get on well and that I would feel confident with her.

We had discussions about what I wanted and what was important to me, and Elian found the closest options for me to then make a decision.

I liked that Elian was friendly and relaxed, she made me feel comfortable about asking things and not feeling embarrassed about needing things to be explained. And I like the cake.

I am happy with the outcome. I have enough income for my needs, and it is a great relief to have somebody to review my financial situation regularly and check back with me to make sure everything is ok.

I would recommend Elian to anybody who needs advice about pensions or investments and likes a bit of cake with their tea.

Dot, East Sussex

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