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This is Marian & Rey's story. They wanted help in planning for a comfortable retirement.

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I had many questions about my retirement planning, covering everything from ensuring a comfortable lifestyle to making the right financial decisions for the future of myself and my family. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to maintain my desired financial standing in retirement.

I have been with Citrus Financial for many years and have always considered their advice and guidance to be of the highest standards. Honest, unbiased, friendly advice, with no pressure. I have never found them to be un-helpful or unavailable, they are always an excellent source of good, honest, useful, advice and guidance.

They went through all my questions and presented me with all the available options, to help me make the correct decisions. All in good time, and with not a single feeling of pressure to make a quick decision. It was all done, in a very relaxed and friendly manner and I felt, I was very much, being listened to and my final wishes, adhered to.

I believe that anyone requiring good, credible, and honest financial advice, really do need to speak to Citrus Financial. Their friendly, un-pressuring, quality of service, advice and knowledge are of the highest of standards.

Marian & Rey, Gravesend

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