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This is John's story. He was interested in investing in stocks and shares ISAs rather than fixed rate bonds.

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My initial enquiry into seeking financial advice was because I wanted to look at investing in stocks and shares ISA’s as a different option to buying fixed rate bonds.

My concerns initially were around the volatile nature of the stock market. I didn’t want to invest in anything too risky where I would lose a substantial amount of my savings.

I chose Elian because she was confident about the area of needs I required, she was professional in the way she planned alternatives that best suited what I wanted.

Elian found a number of options that allowed me to invest, where there was growth in the investment, but the risk was low. I have known her as my financial adviser for many years now. She has always guided me through the best plan for my investments and over time I have been more comfortable about looking at other products to invest in.

Elian has always reassured me when the market has fluctuated. I have been more than happy with service that she has provided. In return, it has given me a portfolio that allows me to have a more secure future when I retire.

In my opinion, there shouldn’t be a ceiling on anyone investing. Investing is a journey, and as long as you appreciate there may be bumps in the road at times, it can be a rewarding experience.

John, Battle

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