Listen Now: David Braithwaite, The Money Mentor, Investigates The Cost Of Car Insurance

Image of David Braithwaite

Join David Braithwaite, The Money Mentor, every Monday afternoon on BBC Radio Kent’s Dominic King Show.

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Tune in to BBC Radio Kent as ‘The Money Mentor’, financial adviser David Braithwaite, shares his expert insights on the rising cost of car insurance.

In his weekly appearance on the Dominic King Show, David discusses how the rising cost of living is also causing insurance premiums to rise. It now costs more to repair and accident damaged car, so insurance companies are passing that cost on in new premiums. So how do you deal with it? The key is shopping around. Fight the apathy and do your research! Stay tuned as David also answers listener questions related to this topic, offering invaluable financial advice.

Even though insurance companies can’t offer new customer incentives it still pays to shop around. There are lots of comparison sites to choose from and you may even be able to haggle with your current provider.

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