Listen Now: David Braithwaite, The Money Mentor, Demystifies Energy Bills on BBC Radio Kent

Join David Braithwaite, The Money Mentor, every Monday morning on BBC Radio Kent’s Dominic King Show.

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Tune in to BBC Radio Kent as financial adviser David Braithwaite, also known as ‘The Money Mentor’, shares his expert insights on understanding energy bills and navigating the new price cap. In his weekly appearance on the Dominic King Show, David demystifies the complex world of energy pricing and empowers listeners to take control of their energy costs. Stay tuned as David also answers listener questions related to this topic, offering invaluable advice.

Energy bills can be confusing and overwhelming, but fear not! ‘The Money Mentor’ is here to shed light on how energy pricing works and what factors influence your bill. David breaks it down in easy-to-understand terms, providing practical strategies to help you lower your energy costs and manage your budget more effectively.

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