Citrus Bites – November 2023

This month Richard Harris is joined by the amazing Shona Campbell, Chair of Trustees for Friends for Families, for the latest edition of Citrus Bites. The monthly economic update from Citrus Financial.

As always, Richard takes a look at the key economic indicators, including interest rates and inflation. Plus, why the price of oil is remaining surprisingly low. 

***The video was recorded prior to the October 2023 inflation figures being released. The charts within the video have since been updated.***

In a change to our usual format, Richard is joined by Shona Campbell, co-founder and Chair of Trustees for Friends for Families. Fiona talks us through why she started the charity and the vital work they do. She also provides sobering insight of the sometimes unseen Dickensian levels of poverty in Sevenoaks that some children encounter.

In Sevenoaks, over 20% of children live in poverty. 

Taking into account that shocking statistic, Shona explains how the small charity, staffed entirely by volunteers, works with local Children’s Services to support those children and families who are suffering the most.

If you’d like to get involved with Friends For Families you can visit their website here.

Please don’t forget about our Boardgames for a Brighter Christmas campaign that Shona mentions in the video. You can learn how to make a donation here

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