Listen Now: David Braithwaite, The Money Mentor, Discusses Financial Scams on BBC Radio Kent

Join David Braithwaite, The Money Mentor, every Monday morning on BBC Radio Kent’s Dominic King Show.

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In this week’s episode of the Dominic King Show on BBC Radio Kent, join renowned financial adviser David Braithwaite, also known as The Money Mentor, as he sheds light on the alarming prevalence of financial scams. Tune in as he shares valuable insights on how to spot these scams, the surprising sophistication scammers employ, and what steps to take if you find yourself unfortunate enough to be caught out.

Protect Yourself: Learn to Identify Financial Scams

Financial scams have become increasingly sophisticated, making it crucial to remain vigilant. David Braithwaite delves into the tactics used by scammers and provides practical advice on how to recognize warning signs. From fraudulent investment schemes to phishing scams, this episode exposes the tricks employed by scammers and how to protect yourself and your hard-earned money.

Caught Out? Know What to Do.

Even the most cautious individuals can fall victim to financial scams. If you find yourself unfortunate enough to be caught out, David Braithwaite offers guidance on the immediate steps you should take to minimize the damage and regain control of your financial situation.

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