Chipstead Triumph in High-Scoring Final Home Game

Chipstead Under 10s girls, proudly sponsored by Citrus Financial, finished their home campaign in style with a resounding 14-2 victory against Tunbridge Wells. Here’s a review of their final home game.

Sportsmanship and Fun Take Center Stage

In a true display of sportsmanship, Chipstead loaned some players to Tunbridge Wells to ensure a fun and competitive game could continue despite their shortage. It was heartwarming to see our girls enjoy friendly competition, even scoring a playful goal against their own team! (We’ll have a lighthearted chat about team loyalty later! )

A Goal-Scoring Spree and Strong Partnership

The Chipstead attack was on fire, with six different players finding the net. Our dynamic striking duo continued their incredible form, contributing a staggering eight goals between them, taking their seasonal partnership tally to an impressive 40 goals!

Pride and Excitement for the Future

Coach, Nick Dineen expressed immense pride in the girls’ performance, highlighting the dedication and hard work that fueled this success. This game is sure to be one they’ll cherish for a long time.

Supporting Future Referees

The match saw two female referees gain valuable experience as they complete their refereeing qualifications. Chipstead FC are committed to promoting girls’ involvement in all aspects of the game, both on and off the pitch.

Looking Ahead to the Season Finale

The Chipstead girls travel to Crowborough for their final league game next week. While surpassing Saturday’s incredible performance will be a challenge, they’re determined to finish strong and potentially secure their 12th win out of 16 games, making this their most successful season yet!

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