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Savings and Investments

Investors do not pay any personal tax on income or gains, but ISAs do pay unrecoverable tax on income from stocks and shares received by the ISA managers.Tax treatment varies according to individual circumstances and is subject to change. David Braithwaite talks Savings.

February 18th, 2021|In the news|

Time to Think About Investing

Once the decision has been made to invest the next big question is how to invest? The Sunday press money sections are packed with opinions, options and advertisements, all purporting to have the answer. The two main choices are to self-select investments, predominantly online or by discussing the options with a qualified adviser. Both have their benefits. Doing it yourself will cut down on costs and potentially reduce administration. The advised route will give you the comfort that a professionally qualified adviser has considered your [...]

November 6th, 2020|Articles|

Be Cautious About Cash

During the Covid-19 lockdown UK households have been saving a lot more cash than normal. Bank of England statistics show that deposit balances had an average monthly increase of £53 Billion between March and May. As we slowly go back to normality this figure dropped to an extra £16 Billion in June. An additional £175 billion of deposits with banks since March, more than the cumulative total in most years. This increase in savings can partly be attributed to the [...]

September 15th, 2020|Articles|

When should you retire?

Historically, most people had a set retirement date. Why is that? It's probably because that's what their employer set as a retirement date. But why then? Why retire when someone else says so? More importantly why retire at all? A wise man once said, we only retire from what we don't like doing. Unfortunately, many people don't have the option to do what they like so work is a requirement not a choice and sometimes it's not what you really [...]

May 20th, 2020|Articles|

The Need for Calm

Over recent weeks a feeling of doom and panic has been evidenced throughout the globe. Queues in supermarkets, empty shelves and a run on 'essential items' have all lead to a feeling of doom. Similarly, investment markets have suffered volatility not seen since the global financial crisis of 2008. As with that period, it is the uncertainty of where things are heading that causes the panic selling of stocks and shares, which ultimately lead to a spiral of concern [...]

April 7th, 2020|Articles|

Covid-19 Update 24th March 2020

We are now working from home and we are still available to help you with your queries. Please feel free to call us on 01732 834 834 or if you prefer email and we will be happy to assist you.We are continuing to meet with our clients and where agreed still face to face using zoom meetings and facetime, we are also happy to chat by phone if you prefer.Rest assured if you have an appointment scheduled, we will [...]

March 24th, 2020|Articles|
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