Not many of you will know, but Christmas for me personally has always been a more difficult and thoughtful time of the year, because on 18th December 2005 I lost my sister to breast cancer. I know a great many of you have also lost a loved one too and, as a result, this time of year will always be a reflective time for us all.

In the latter stages of her life, my sister was cared for by The Hospice in the Weald who, although I was always aware of, I didn’t know exactly the amazing work they do until we needed it as a family.

The business I have at Citrus is one I am incredibly proud of and I want to thank you personally for being a client of ours. Your business is much valued, and as a thank you this year we as a business have made a donation to The Hospice in the Weald not only on behalf of Citrus but also all our clients.

I wish you all a happy Christmas for 2019 and a peaceful 2020.

Yours sincerely