The year of making a financial difference

As 2020 is now well under way, many of us will be looking to this year as the year that we put our finances in order. The starting point is being honest on what and how we spend our money. Whilst household and utility bills along with mortgage or [...]

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Christmas 2019

Not many of you will know, but Christmas for me personally has always been a more difficult and thoughtful time of the year, because on 18th December 2005 I lost my sister to breast cancer. I know a great many of you have also lost a loved one too [...]

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Investment Scams

With much of our lives now being conducted online and through Social Media the scope for fraudsters and scammers to target us is an ever-increasing threat. Often, scammers will contact you out of the blue. This can be through, phone call, email, text or social media. They will also [...]

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The changing face of payments

Our relationship with paying for things has changed significantly in a relatively short period of time. Here in the UK the Bank of England was established in 1694 and just 23 years later the first form of cheques were introduced. It wasn't until 1965 that the first cheque guarantee [...]

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School Summer Holidays – Prepare and Plan!

As the long school summer holidays are upon us it is very easy to get concerned about both how to keep your youngsters entertained and more worryingly how much the next six or seven weeks are going to cost. Whilst undoubtedly there will be additional expenses to meet with [...]

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Is cash the king in times of uncertainty?

Recent volatility in investment markets leaves many people sitting on the side lines and waiting for things to calm down. The alternative to investing is to hold savings in cash. This may seem sensible but the one factor against this objective is knowing when is everything more stable and [...]

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The importance of staying invested

Over the last few months we have seen a lot of volatility in investment markets. This will have come as a shock to many people who have only invested in the past few years as stock markets have shown positive returns since the big crash of 2008. It is [...]

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Too good to be true? it probably is!

The growth of cyber-crime is something we are all aware of and have either been affected personally or at least know somebody who has fallen foul to the scammers. But scams can take a more traditional route as well. Recently the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and The Pension Regulator [...]

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